Delightful Spring brings the message of true Dhamma to relatives!

Delightful Spring brings the message of true Dhamma to relatives!

Upon hearing the news that his son has enlightened in World’s benefit, then the King Suddhodana heard: “My child has attained supreme and Perfect Awakening, and, desiring the welfare of the world, has set the True Dhamma wheel rolling, and recently has been living in the delightful Bamboo-Wood grove and depending on the city of Rājagaha for support.”

Then desiring to see his own son, who had become a Buddha, sent nine ministers nine times one after another accompanied by one thousand warriors each time into the presence of the Great Seer. They went, but after hearing the Dhamma-King’s incomparable preaching, and obtaining the supreme benefit of Nibbāna, they become ordained and forgot to give the message.

Seeing that not even one of them returned King Suddhodana summoned his great minister Kāludāyī, who always greatly delighted in the thought of the going-forth for ordination, and said to him: “Carry away my great treasure of a son by whatever means, and delight my eyes by bringing him into my presence.” Then he sent him also, together with one thousand warriors, and having gone with that group, after hearing the Teacher’s beautiful preaching, he attained the road to Worthiness. Then after ordaining he worshipped that Best of Men with his both hands at his forehead in reverential salutation, and said to the Sambuddha:

“The season of Spring has produced colorful and delightful buds and foliage, a thousand delightful branches together with glorious, and deep-green colored leaves, trees crowded with various extraordinarily fragrant and variegated blossoms, many very beautiful animals, and flocks of birds singing in the excellent groves. There are now countless delightful lakes, full of very blue and agreeable waters, which are decorated with very fragrant blue, white, bronze, and red lotuses, having unstained and extremely pearly white sandbanks, with a multitude of sweet-sounding grey geese, and a variety of trees along the banks. The banks themselves are resplendent with rows of flowers and blossoms, having plains covered with fresh and very green lawns, as though covered with pleasing lapis-lazuli, and skies full of light breezes. Reverend Sir! It is time to go to the Royal City called Kapilavatthu, which is prosperous with people having endless riches!” So in this way he praised the beauty of the road to Kapilavattu.

The Fortunate One, after hearing this great praise, said: “Udāyī, why did you praise the beauty of this journey?” Then Udāyī said this to that Safety-Maker: “Reverend Sir, your father the famous and excellent King Suddhodana wishes to see you; let the Enlighten One in the World’s Benefit, be of assistance to his relatives.” When He who delights in the World’s Benefit had heard Udāyī’s sweet utterance, He said: “It is good, Udāyī, I will indeed assist my relatives.” Upon such request the Buddha returned to the city of Kapilavattu in the delightful first spring after the Buddha’s enlightenment.

So shall we wish that dawning spring would bring all of us the message of the Dhamma in its true form as it reached to the relatives of Buddha in a delightful spring centuries ago.

– Bhante Kottawe Nanda

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  1. dewagiriye ananda says:

    A family is a place where minds come in contact with one another. If these minds love one another the home will be as beautiful as a flower garden. But if these minds get out of harmony with one another it is like a storm that plays havoc with the garden……….!

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